Build a country-wide entrepreneur network where we have 4 types of micro entrepreneurs.


Women micro-entrepreneur network, working from home with a dedicated shop, going door-to-door for serving their community, and becoming part of the digital economy.

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The male counter-part of Kallyani, offering products and services at the door-stps of the BoP community from their shops or visiting the households.

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Shujog Shohojugi

A network of location-based freelancers, facilitating the business of Kallyani, Sukormi and iSocial Hubs.

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A countrywide network of freelancers who are engaged with a range of data-driven tasks, based on their capacity and preferences.

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Our target is to meet the demands of essential products and services of the BoP populations, especially women, children, and adolescents.

SBUs and Products