Samiha Akhter

Research Officer, DataSence

An enthusiastic economics graduate, Samiha is eager to contribute to team success through hard work and determination, while maintaining a high degree of professionalism with adaptability. 
Currently, in DataSense, she is leading the flagship project of Data Freelancers where she aspires to build a nationwide network of data freelancers. Here she manages a large number of opportunity holders, connecting scopes, and developing data-driven skills. For connecting scopes, she connects with organizations for the freelancers who involves in different gig activities.
In the project management team of iSocial, she assisted in the Pushti Ambassador project funded by DANIDA, kept updated in accordance with project activities along with timeframes, implemented project action plans as well visit project areas for project execution.  
Samiha completed her under-graduation in economics and finance from Brac University, Dhaka. In her student life, she was dynamic in different co-curricular exercises and social work.