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With the outbreak and spread of COVID-19, Bangladesh has undergone a seismic shift in daily life. People are resilient, but many across the five boroughs and from all walks of life are feeling the impacts of the novel Coronavirus physically, emotionally, financially, and otherwise.

In the midst of these difficult and uncertain times, we need to come together and stand as one. iSocial aims to reach one hundred thousand families at the Bottom of the Pyramid, consisting of half a million people among which 19% are adolescents, in this time of the pandemic. This group of people is particularly struggling to survive through this crisis as their income sources are being cut off resulting in an inability to access basic goods and services that are vital for their wellbeing. Our foot soldiers, the Kallyanis, are working on the front-line by mobilizing necessity goods and services for health, hygiene, safety, nutrition, and income protection measures for these families.

Our Perspective

iSocial is a leading social enterprise in Bangladesh working for connecting the bottom of the pyramid population to market through a digital platform called Shujog and a human network named Kallyani¼ a network of young women change agents. In response to the crisis, we have partaken in rehabilitating and aiding communities.

Through the Kallyani Network, we are enabling young rural women in Bangladesh to pursue a sustainable income and lead positive change in their communities.

As Kallyanis are connected to us as micro-franchise, iSocial has pledged to extend support to up to 1,000 Kallyanis and 100,000 families in the Kallyanis’ communities by the next six months with critical support for safety, hygiene, nutrition, and menstrual hygiene.

Standing on two of iSocial’s key portfolios- DataSense and NextMile, we are also supporting organizations with conducting quick research and analytics. deliver essential products and services at the doorsteps.

iSocial’s DataSense team is leading the development of the National ICT Roadmap along with LIghtCastle Partners and Innovision for mitigating the impact of COVID-19 for Bangladesh. This is an initiative of the ICT Division.

COVID-19: Emergency Response Initiatives

Survival Package- For Kallyanis

Supporting Kallyanis and their families with Working Capital Reinforcement and Income Protection Measures

Survival Package- For Communities

Supporting communities of Kallyanis with health, safety, hygiene and nutrition packages

Emergency Delivery

Supporting organizations to deliver essential products and services at the doorsteps

Fundraiser Concert Series- Songs For Hope

A series of Online Fundraiser Concert with the support of well known singers and musicians to raise funds to protect the Kallyanis and their communities.