SMC Enterprise Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Social Marketing Company. All manufacturing and trading operations under Enterprise are profit making.  Profits in the form of dividends are transferred to SMC to help expand and grow the non-profit program operations. In 2014 SMC Enterprise was formed after being approved by the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies to separate for-profit manufacturing and trading operations from SMC non-profit to be able to effectively manage a diversifying and complex operation.
Social Marketing Company (SMC) is the largest privately-managed not-for-profit organization in the world for a single country and is dedicated to provide opportunities for better family health for the people of the country by addressing issues of social priority and the major social marketing programs SMC implements include family planning, child survival, maternal and child health, TB and STD/AIDS prevention program. In addition, SMC implements customer education and health communication programs as well.
SMC EL is always innovative in developing new mechanism of reaching the target consumers of its products and services. SMC EL is interested to enhance their outreach through mutually benefitting partnership with Dnet.