Kallyani Model

Kallyani. The Change makers!

Our social and economic empowerment program provides marginalized women with the opportunity, often for the first time in their lives, to build their capacity and become a women entrepreneur, to serve BOP market, to share experiences, to learn critical and consistent skills, and to access new resources by accessing connection to opportunities.

Economic empowerment

When women learn how to earn and save money, they have agency over their future and communities creating a vivid positive effect on the overall economy


Complementing progress

Continuously learning and striving to improve the opportunities offered to marginalized women, as well as activities that complement and deepen the models impact

Community change agents

The women we serve are leaders on the front lines. They are passionate about advocating and serving BOP citizens, and with our help, they become agents of change

Kallyani model: Problem & Impact statement

    Kallyani Prerequisites:

  • A rural woman
  • Age – 18-35 Years
  • Education – (min) Secondary School Certificate (SSC)
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Willingness to Invest
  • Basic Accounting Knowledge
  • Communication & Language Skills
  • Male Associate for Business Support

Services for BOP citizens

Types of Kallyani

Kallyani model brings service specialization to provide quality focused services for different target consumers in rural communities, where different Kallyanis are equipped with specific skills and resources.

You can Create a Ripple Effect!

Your Donation can make a huge difference and provide a women change agent with skills and opportunity to support the community and create a sustainable change.

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