Infolady  Shuma                                               

In the district of Bagura, in a small village named Khamarkandi, our Infolady Shuma was born. Shuma’s mother had only one dream, the dream of making her daughter educated and independent; but things didn’t happen according to her wish. Her father passed away 3 months before she could sit for her higher secondary exams; facing lots of difficulties Shuma was able to give her H.S.C exams. Looking at the household expenses and the overall surrounding s of a village, Shuma’s Mother decided to get her married as soon as possible. After completing her H.S.C Shuma got married to a guy who lived in the village of Sutanara situated in Shariyakandi Upazila. Shuma’s husband was the only bread earner and it started to become tough for the family of four as days went by. Shuma used to ponder deep inside, if she could only help her husband earning a bit extra or she could help him in any other way. As days passed by, One day she heard someone on a mike , beside her home. She listened carefully and got to hear about an independent way of empowering herself the INFOLADY. She quickly grabbed a leaflet and with the help of her husband she went to the Kuptola Mohila Unnoyon Shongstha.

Shuma said, “Initially I was feeling a bit worried about my qualification and whether they will accept me or not “ , my daughter was only 3months old during that time , all these points made me wonder what if I wasn’t chosen by them ? But all of my worries vanished when I went to their office. After going there I saw that Kuptola Mohila Unnoyon Shongstha’s Biplob , he was my relative, I heard everything he had to say and after getting the knowledge about the program, I wrote to the Executive Director of that institution asking to get enrolled as an INFOLADY. On February of 2013 I sat for the Infolady Exams in dream of becoming an Infolady. After the initial exam and viva I was selected to be one of the Info ladies. I had never appeared in these kinds of exams before. Appearing in this kind of exams did really help me gain experience and knowledge.

After getting elected as an Infolady I aspired to be self-employed. With the help of National Bank I bought a cycle, laptop, internet modem and blood pressure machine, diabetes measuring machine, thermometer, weight machine, digital camera, pen drive, card reader, first aid box, headphone, printer and many other small necessary gadgets.

I had a 7 day training on computers, 3 day training on health care and another 3day training on team building and leadership skills in Kuptola Mohila Unnoyon Shongstha which really taught me a lot and sharpened my skills, I didn’t had these kind of experience before. In Shariakandi Upozila’s “Ma Fatema training institute” I got a 7 day training which aspired and made me believe in a new beginning. On my very first day I had a lot of trouble in working. Being a girl and working while riding on a cycle around the entire village was a matter of disbelief for everyone; I had to face many questions from different levels of the society. But after a while everybody’s perception changed, everyone saw that being a girl how was I able to help so many people and stand beside my village.

I have to work with different groups of people, they encounter many health related issues such as diabetes test, blood group test, blood pressure test, measuring fever and pregnancy test apart from health there are farming, education taking photographs, downloading songs or films in cell phone, Aponjon registration, talking on Skype, Dutch Bangla Banks mobile banking service and many other services that I provide to them all. I have learned a lot while providing all these services being an Infolady. My life has completely changed thanks to the Infolady program.

The Infolady program has helped me to stand beside my fellow villagers and serve them. It has motivated me to make a difference in the initial development of my village. There are loads of examples which has inspired me to work and create a difference being an Infolady.

I have been trying to spread the knowledge of Right to Information Act across all class of people in my village. Using the Right to information Act I have helped a physically challenged person in my village get enlisted in the “Physically Challenged Pension Quota “. Apart from that I have donated some sums for the poor women and children’s in my village so that they can create some handicraft products and empower themselves, in this process they can easily stay indoors, work and contribute financially towards their respective family. Like this, there are many other examples which inspires me and makes me believe more in the Infolady program. This job has made me quite popular among others in the village and it has surely created a difference in our life.

I am quite grateful to this Infolady project. I feel really good that I have been able to participate along with my husband in running the family expenses. My mother feels proud and glad to see that I have been able to contribute in some way in my family. That’s why I always said, ‘Everyone will praise a good work ‘.