Infolady Shila

Shila, a 21 years old girl is from Rangichara, a village of kulaura thana of Moulavibazar. Shila has 5 siblings. Her family used to live in a small, fenced-in house near a tea garden. Shila’s father, Sharupana, worked as a small farmer but his income barely supported the family. With a tiny land or property to provide the necessities for a living, Shila’s family survived a struggled life.

Shila wanted to finish Higher Secondary examination but financial problems was a big barrier for her. One day, she heard about the ‘Infolady selection Invitation’ in her village. One girl was talking about the announcement to another girl. Local organization WAFFH made an announcement about the Infolady selection. She wondered, “What is this ‘Infolady’?”

20 February 2013 was a new day for Shila. Being curious about Infolady she joined the ‘Infolady selection process. There she came to know about the “Infolady Social Entrepreneurship Model”. Through the selection workshop, she learned how to be a successful entrepreneur. She found a light of hope to free her family from poverty. Initially, she was discouraged; people raised doubts. How can a girl work by riding a bicycle? Can she make anything out of this trade? Ignoring all obstacles, she started providing her services as an Infolady. Now her monthly income is BDT 8,000 and she is loved by all the villagers.

Despite the negativity, Shila was determined and soon mastered the skills of providing services as an Infolady. She proved her critics wrong and now, when people face any difficulty, they ask for Shila. And thus her poverty turned into dignity and abandonment into empowerment.