Infolady Sathi

People use to speak badly about Saathi, her own father used to curse her every day. But after she became an Infolady, everything changed for her. The community people saw Saathi change into a different person. From a shy scared little girl, she became a confident, independent and empowered young woman. Every day early morning, she is out on the roads with her bicycle. She measures blood pressure of the village people with the pressure meter and the diabetes with the diabetes machine, she finds out how much of the fertilizer is required for a farmer by testing the soil.
After becoming an Infolady, within a year she was able to repay the sum of one lakh twenty five thousand taka, the loan which she took to become an Infolady. Not only that, she even started up her own shop! On the roof top of the shop she inserted solar panels and bought a new mobile phone. Another year later she was able to make her shop bigger by investing 83 thousand Taka more. Her business is at its peak now. People who used to criticize her, now have a look at her with respect. Every night while sleeping, Saathi realizes her father is brushing her hair and uttering the words “I was wrong my dear daughter, I was wrong. I should not have discriminated between a boy and a girl”. Saathi remains silent, the only thing she feels are her tears rolling down. But her tear drops are of happiness, the utmost contentment that she has been able to receive by becoming a successful Infolady.