Our Portfolio

Products and services

Products and services with relevant digital and printed behavioral change communication (BCC) materials for women, children and adolescents at the doorsteps, at her home shop and at schools.

Reaching both urban and rural households with products and services exclusively for women through the online platform,  short-code 16573  and mobile app for the end clients, Kallyanis and  Shukormis as sales agents.

Referral system

Connecting women to selected institutions for completing the full cycle of needs of healthcare, income generation, access to opportunities and access to entitlements.

Simple to use, efficient and time-saving, e-commerce platform which incorporates digital solution, online platform, and mobile app.

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Information intermediary

Enabling access to information from multiple sources by Informing, agreeing, compiling and signaling information.

Knowledge translator

Helping people make sense of and apply information by disseminating, translating, communicating knowledge and ideas.

Knowledge broker

Improving knowledge use in decision making, fostering the co-production of knowledge by bridging, matching, connecting, linking, convening, and boundary spanning, networking and facilitating people.

Innovation broker

Influencing the wider context to reduce costs and facilitate innovations in knowledge systems by negotiating, building, collaborating, managing relations and processes.

A knowledge broker generating critical insights to support policy designing and rational decision making by corporations, organizations, and institutes.

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Kallyani Model

Kallyani model is an end-mile women to women business network where young women entrepreneurs known as Kallyani (woman who brings wellbeing) provide products and services to rural households and elsewhere in safe spaces on a wide range of arenas including mental health,  sexual and reproductive health, agriculture, data, and connectivity.

Shukormi Model

Shukormi model is a model where a Shukormi (meaning a goodwill agent) is catered to be a well-trained entrepreneur and is entitled to earn money by working as agents of different renowned organizations with the help of iSocial.

A Kallyani and Sukormi network for reaching out hard to reach the last mile for any product, service or activation of any institutions.

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