USD 1000

Full support for an Infolady for 3 years (except her own investment)


What Infolady Will Get?

  • Membership into Infolady Global Community
  • Capacity Development (start up and refreshers training)
  • Training manuals and operational manuals
  • Infolady branding materials (ID, Certificate, dress, bag, cycle)
  • Supportive local ecosystem
  • Business Operation Software
  • Mentoring and monitoring support,
  • Helpdesk support,
  • Management support,
  • Promotional support,
  • Supply Chain Operation support
  • Business Networking Support

What Donors Will Get?

  • A “Thank You” certificate as a token of gratitude
  • Will be acknowledged as our patron and will be rated 5 Stars on our “Patrons” Page.
  • Audio / Video Interview of the donors for social media and website
  • For each Infolady, a one pager will be developed with Bangla handwritten text written by Infoladies themselves.
  • Will be showcased in the quarterly newsletter (online & offline)
  • Invitation to Bi-annual global events
  • Promotion through Facebook, magazine, newsletter, Infolady website (optional)
  • Monthly update from the field

Eligibility Criteria

  • Score in Socio-economic assessment: 10

Communications Skill Assessment test: 3.0

Learning capability assessment: 3.0

Entrepreneurship Test: 4.0: Minimum pass mark: 75%

  • Score in Selection Tests: 10
  • Combined score = Score in Selections Tests (35%)+ Score in Socio-economic assessment (65%)
  • Combined score >= 7/10
  • Land holding
  • Monthly family expenditure
  • Other asset ( livestock, agriculture equipment etc.)
  • House Type
  • Process:
  • Subject to availability of funding, according to descending order of combined score