BACHAO Grant Support to Infolady Social Entrepreneurship Programme

Infolady Social Entrepreneurship Programme (ISEP) is working on the scaling up of the Infolady program. Dnet had been seeking funds for the Infolady program. As part of the scaling up, Dnet submitted a proposal to BACHAO and received a positive response.

In lieu, of that response Dnet has received a fund from BACHAO as donation for the Infolady. Dnet has promised to facilitate 10 Infoladies at Manirampur Upazila of Jessore District under the BACHAO fund. As promised already 10 Infoladies were selected from the selection workshop held on November. Those Infoladies were trained on the basic Infolady services, Health related services, m-Health services and m-banking services.

The main objective of this project is to capacitate underprivileged but talented women through adept training on entrepreneurial skills to become an Infolady.