Adolescent awareness campaign with Wreetu

In the context of Bangladesh where Puberty is carefully ignored and Period is a taboo, Wreetu comes up with a complete solution to help the adolescent girls overcome the physical and psychological challenges faced in this sensitive period of life. Wreetu conducts interactive workshops around the country to build a community of health conscious adolescent girls. The beautifully developed illustrated story-based book on puberty and period helps the girls to break the taboo associated with the above and share the right knowledge on this issue.

Campaign through engagement of iSocial’s Kallyanis to make available Wreetu’s awareness campaign regarding Puberty and Period among adolescent girls among rural areas of Bangladesh. Also to extend the reach of awareness building among rural adolescent girls in a cost effective way creating enhanced business opportunities for both iSocial and Wreetu with a social entrepreneurship approach.

 The outcomes of this project mainly focuses on Channelizing Puberty and Period related awareness among adolescent girls through Kallyanis, the last mileage awareness building network for Wreetu as well as ensuring puberty and period related health and hygiene among adolescent girls of rural areas.


Geographical Coverage:

Initially, the locations are Jessore, Natore and Bogra which will be expanded nationally, based on the outcome of the test run.



  1. Pilot phase : 08 (eight) months
  2. The duration of test run may be extended/ shortened based on the monthly outcome of the test.

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