Actionaid’s youth leadership program

The key target of this project is to create sustainable livelihood opportunities for young women affiliated with ActionAid Bangladesh and its initiatives for young people as well as finding appropriate candidates as potential Kallyanis from Action Aid local youth clubs that will aid iSocial’s national scale vision. This project also aims to support young women of Bangladesh by providing initial resources to function as independent women entrepreneur or Kallyanis.

Through this project iSocial will Provide Kallyani IEC materials to ActionAid Bangladesh for promoting Kallyani Initiative among the youth club members, provide Kallyani Primary Selection Criteria/Guideline to AAB, select potential Kallyanis from shortlisted candidates from Kushtia, Sirajganj and Bogra, eEquip Kallyanis with training and other necessary resources, Market campaigns for Kallyani business promotion and monitoring and mentor Kallyanis business performance.


Geographical Coverage: Initially, the location will be Kushtia/Sirajganj/Bogra/Tangail (Any one of the districts based on AAB convenience) – Gradually locations can be expanded nationally, based on the mutual agreement of both parties and outcome of first 2 Kallyani deployment.



  1. Pilot phase will be 12 Months
  2. The duration of test run may be extend/ shortened based on the outcome of pilot period.

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